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Welcome to 3D Patent Drawing.com. For almost twenty years James Fisher has been providing 3D patent drawing and 3D Modeling and Animation services to IP law firms, independent inventors and businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley and around the globe.

James Fisher is an independent graphic and animation consultant based in Northern California. He is active in the inventor community and is occasionally invited to speak at local inventor support groups.

Unlike traditional patent illustration, James' approach is to model most projects in professional 3D modeling and animation software and then render it out to vector line art using specialized application plugins. The patent drawings are then cleaned up to remove excess lines, etc. and lead lines and numbering is applied. This affords much greater flexibility than if the drawings were drawn in a 2D illustration application. The model can be rotated into any position to produce drawings from a variety of perspectives and it can be exploded into its component parts. The result is that the proportions and details of components are accurate and always in perfect perspective. The vector line art can also be scaled to any size without any loss of image quality. Formal drawings can be created for utility patents, provisional patent applications and design patents. He has the unique ability to create highly detailed drawings with physically accurate stippled shading at a level of detail that is unrivaled in the industry. This is especially beneficial for design drawings, but can also help utility drawings stand out, and as his clients relate, often makes a big difference in impressing upon patent examiners the uniqueness of their inventions. Detail, accuracy and a comprehensive number of drawings can be a key factor in helping to get patents approved, and also taken seriously in licencing negotiations.

As an additional service, the 3D model produced for the patent drawings can also be repurposed for video presentation purposes. By putting it in a scene, adding materials and lighting and animating the product, the model can be used to produce realistic and dynamic animated video presentations of the product, which can be a powerful tool in licensing, marketing and fund-raising efforts.

CAD models produced in applications such as Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor, Google Sketchup and other popular CAD tools can also be imported and used for creating 3D patent illustrations.

Drawings are professional and in accordance with USPTO drawing guidelines. Your intellectual property is kept in complete confidence and work is never outsourced overseas. All drawings are illustrated to high standards by James Fisher.

Prices are very reasonable and turnaround times are generally very good.

You can view a few drawing samples below. More examples of his modeling and animation work can be viewed at his main site: InventionDemos.com

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